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Cost of a designing a website

I guess one of the most common questions asked by business owners and that looking for a website is how much does a website cost. Heck, some of my clients even ask for the cost before providing any information or requirements about the project.

So how much does a website cost directly relates to the question – What do you want to do with your website? Or What do you want your website to do for you?

Bring clients? Spread the word? Market your products? Sell your products?

As you can see it really depends on the website and then on the web designer. In Calgary Web Design business, prices really vary with different service providers – is it a web design company, is it a freelancer, or is it nation-wide agency dealing with blue-chip clients?

Here is the breakdown depending on the designer you deal with –

Freelancers – Can charge anywhere between $200 -5000 depending on the project.

Local Web Design Companies – Can charge $2000 to $20000 for a project.

Nation-wide media agencies – Can charge $10000 ++

I am going to keep it short here and then talk more about how else the entire pricing works in my next blog posts.

Next one is going to be about SEO – Something like this –

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