How to select Ecommerce shopping cart software


Planning to have your own online store? Do not know how to select the ecommerce software for selling your product or services.

Before searching for an ecommerce shopping cart solution provider you have to make note of following points

  1. Which are the common features that you want on your online store
  2. How many products / services you want to list in your online store
  3. Is it’s a ecommerce website or a simple inquiry cart, many time people gets confused on this
  4. How much you want to spend
  5. Do you want to use hosting of software company or want your own hosting where you want the site to be shifted
  6. Do you want any maintenance support
  7. In house IT team to manage site or you yourself will manage the site

Once these points are with you then start searching for ecommerce service provider. We assume that you are searching it on Google and companies of India. Now you will come across many Ecommerce shopping cart software in India which arespecially divided into three different categories

  1. Company only deals into Open source ready to use program like oscommerce, zen cart, magento etc.
    1. They use readymade program, so approximately 90% of program is ready they only do the implementation of the customized design.
    2. Disadvantage is most of time they are putting their issues on forums for help since they cannot completely modify the program, it has limitations. Many times such program gets crashed. Many contributors are there so no one is completely responsible for any type of bad coding. We have notice the programmer get stuck when client ask some different type of customization
  2. Company who develops completely customized ecommerce website right from the stretch
    1. These are completely done right from the stretch, advantage what is required is developed
    2. Disadvantage is that it takes good time and cost, its suitable for big websites / portals
  3. Company having their own program of ecommerce software develop in house which is more accurate than first two as these companies have done a deep research and their program are more robust

Indian ecommerce shopping cart companies are directly or in directly providing ecommerce solutions globally hence we have taken that example.

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